A Wizard in a Muggle World

A Wizard in a Muggle World

Harry Potter fans know what that topic header means.  I have to be honest, I didn’t read the whole Harry Potter series.  I have a hard time continuing a series that hasn’t been completed yet.  I get done with the books that have been published and if I have to wait longer than a month for the next piece, I lost interest and move on.  I haven’t been back.

But the analogy is apt.

I’m working toward someday residing in the wizardly world, but for now, I must be content to visit it in brief, but glorious, moments in time.

I know many of you out there are like me – Creatives that are trapped in the responsibility of day-to-day obligations… you know, a job, paying bills, cleaning house, caring for a family.   Facebook is a dangerous place for me.  There are a lot of Creatives out there that do not, for whatever reason, need to hold down a traditional job, and thus, they share, Share, SHARE the hell out of what they are doing – creatively – throughout the day, week, month.  If I allowed myself, I’d have permanently changed to a deep shade of green out of envy.   For a while, it did trigger me… to see all of those talented people creating and sharing, and I just felt lost and left out and left behind.

I’m better now.  Someone said to me, once, when I expressed my envy, that she knew it must be “hard to be in a muggle world”.  And that has run around through my head ever since.  First, I thought I’d just give up that part of me, and I focused on other “jobs”.  But late last year I realized that I was even more miserable, despite the “opportunity” I had been chasing.  On a whim, I said “yes” to selling my handmade journals at a local vendor event – my first as a Creative, instead of a Muggle.  The response to my wares sent my heart to flight and I realized then and there, enough with the additional “Muggle Work”.



Making these, makes me happy.

Henceforth, while I still may NEED to work an 8-5 job (as an overly responsible, gotta pay the bills person), by making these, I could balance myself out with a little more dedicated Creative time.  (Next step:  create IN them.)

To be honest, I don’t look at other people’s art/creations much on Facebook anymore, simply because the Green-Eyed Monster still rears its ugly head.  It’s self-preservation, really.  But I met so many wonderful Creatives over the years, especially in 2014, that have or are currently transitioning from Muggle-land to the land of Wonder… that I feel hope that there are great things heading my way in the future.

No… I don’t Hope.

I Believe.


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  1. Your journals are beautiful! I especially love the one with the butterfly. I bought myself an awl punch while Christmas shopping. Still need to purchase the needles, thread, canvas… but I have every intention of trying this myself sometime this year!


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